Automated waiting

Michał Jaworski

Wait till element is accessible (before try to click) etc. Similar as in TestCafe:


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Shi Ling

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Shi Ling

Automatic waiting for all commands that target and interact with a page element, e.g. `I.see`, `I.click`, has already been built-in. I realised this documentation on automated waits was quite hidden, so we created a new dedicated documentation page about [Automatic Waits](docs.uilicious.com/v3/core-concepts/automatic-waits.html).

By default, all commands will wait until a matching element is visible or until the timeout is reached. The timeout is 15 seconds by default, but this can be changed by setting the `TEST.commandTimeout` property to the desired number of seconds at any point of the test.


TEST.commandTimeout = 90 // increase automatic wait to 90 seconds
I.see("flying pigs") // UIlicious will search for the text for up to 90 seconds

TEST.commandTimeout = 5 // reduce automatic wait to 5 seconds
I.see("flying pigs") // UIlicious will search for the text for up to 5 seconds

I'll be closing this post since the feature is already supported and documented.


Jerome Peter E. Paras

An alternative to the I.wait() command which will wait until a specific element appears on the page before proceeding to the next step, instead of specifying how many seconds to wait.


Muzdaheer Amil

Merged with: I.wait but is based until a specific element appears


Geo E

I think this can be achieved via some javascript looping wait() and a break on "I.see"

But I agree smth like
I.wait("element", 10)
as in: wait 10s for an element to appear
- would be great!


Balbinder Sanjeevani

Yes its very much required.


anshul goel

yes please



It is great if In the single command we have both types of wait.


Eugene Cheah

@Michal - is there a particular test page where this is not working as designed?

All commands, including I.click command automatically wait for the DOM to be fully loaded before being fired off. Do let me know if you can provide a test snippet / url where this is not working.

If the site is confidential, pleas do raise it up via intercom instead citing this feature request.