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    Muzdaheer Amil
  • on 23-03-2023

Hello Everyone!

We're very happy to announce our TAMI (Test Authoring Machine Intelligence) has now landed in UIlicious Studio. TAMI is an AI assistant that can help you write, extend, refactor tests, and save you tremendous time in designing test scenarios and writing the test script.

Write, extend, and refactor tests with AI

TAMI is now live on the UIlicious Studio. To start using it, open a test file, and press F2 within the editor to activate the AI assistant.

You can ask the AI assistant to help you write a new test. Simply describe a simple prompt, such as "Login to Netflix, and change password".

The AI assistant will imagine what are the steps to execute for the scenario and generate the test script for you.

Here are more things you can try with the AI Assistant:

  • Extend test: "Extend the test to fill in the credit card details and proceed to checkout"
  • Replace test data: "Replace the static test data with randomly generated data"
  • Test the website in a different language: "Change from English to German"
  • Convert tests from other frameworks: "Convert this Selenium test to UIliciou

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